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Well I'm back!  Finally managed to get a new computer!  Windows 8......need to require another education from what I can tell to run this one as well.  Got it last Friday never set it up until a couple of days later from complete dread of what I was going to have to know about running it as well as always hating to frind out if everything I hook up to it is going to run on it or if I'll be told they're outta date.  And also have to put all the software back on it, if I can find all the software to put back on it!  I never get really excited about new computers since all I think is work and massive bottle of aspirin!!

Did find my stone for my ring, but after I repaired it I can't find the ring now!!  But now everything's lost instead of one piece is gone and I still have one piece.  I do know it's in the house I just haven't seen it or remember where I put it!  probably looking right at it and just don't see it! It's here though, trust me it's here!

Probably would've gotten the computer sooner, but all of January I have been flat out sick with the flu!  For over a week I had one strain, two or three days of almost normalcy and then I was hit with another strain which had me basically camped in the bathroom for over a another week!  Which then aggravated the neuralgia in my face, which had been quiet for over ten years, and woke up in the middle of the night unable to find my lower lip and by morning nearly couldn't find my chin and my right eye was half way swollen shut.  It's far from fun, especially when the nerves hurt continually and have a nasty habit of changing where they want to smart for a while.  They pain moves from one spot to another sometimes every hour or ever ten minutes depending on the way the nerves are feeling at that time.  So I layed around in bed for another week, interchanging an ice pack with a heating pad during the time.....I finally managed to get some popsicles and ate two or three of them and it popped something right above the roof of my mouth and the pain began to go away and the next day I was noticing the swelling starting to go away......sneezing followed by a mouth of pus is generally a good indicator that it might be healing if anyone else has something similar.....yes its disgusting....but it felt so much better afterward tho!

Spent most of this time watching a bunch of new DVD's I received for Xmas;  'Rosemary and Thyme', 'Pie in the Sky', 'Midsomer Murders', 'Bergerac'.....I have a fondness for British television...especially the comedies and even more so with the mysteries!  I have several series, but these were some of the new ones I wanted and for once Mom listened to me!  Ya!!!!

Anywho I never did get to 'So Close To Home' yet.....I could cared less about saving Kirk and McCoy for the last month......I barely cared about bathing or cleaning the kitty worrying about a Captain and Doctor who should've known better to get into the trouble that they did was not high on my list at the moment.  but I have begun rereading it again and definitely know I need to do something with it.  Maybe burn it....wall paper the bathroom....or actually attempt to rewrite some of it and see if it flies! I would love to finally finish it but I don't know I never seem to get much of an audience for it when I do post it.....I know that's not the point but you always wonder if it's worth working on or getting to the ending or not.....anywho that's my problem to tend with.

I've got a few new stamps done that I will post hopefully tonight!

Much thanks to all who said hi and sent the encouragement and kind thoughts!  Meant a great deal Happy Valentines Day y'all!



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Celem Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the :+fav: on my orange tiger pic :)
Just thought I'd swing by and say hello~
MoonHowlForever Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg i love star trek!!! thanks for shareing all these cool things!
MarvinDiehl Jan 27, 2014   Photographer
Thank you very much for adding my photo 'Mesmerized' to your favourites!

I would really appreciate it if you would check out my facebook page :facebook:… maybe you like it and even want to support me there by following.

Have a nice day! =)
Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!! La la la la 
Happy Late Birthday!! \o/

I didn't forget, just never got onto the computer~ Hope it was a good one :cake:
schematization Aug 14, 2013  Student General Artist
No worries.  Lately it seems harder and harder to find the time to sti down and fiddle on the computer for any length of time!!  I don't know if its the time of the year or what.  It's like a looonnnngggg bleeehhhhhh or something. 

But I do appreciate the good thoughts as always! 

And I'll be honest this is the only place anyone offered me a cake or balloons or anything of that nature for my birthday!  What does that say?  Don't answer I probably don't want to know. ;)

At any rate again thanks for the good thoughts and wishes!  Mom says I'm legal to start referring to some of the youngsters as kids now outloud!  Yea me! :D

That's how my birthday will be, I plan on spending it alone in my bedroom so there's no repeat of last year!

Eh, I already refer to them as that xD
Thanks so much for the fav.
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